Friday, July 5, 2013

School's out for summer!

\Yesterday was the last day of school for the 2012-2013 school year.  The week was filled with professional development activities for our School Improvement Plan and preparation work for our Irtiqa'a review next year (sort of like the NEASC accreditation process but compressed into one year). We also had time to clean out our files, organize our office, and celebrate the school year. Our school had three EMT's complete their contracts and decide to repatriate to their home countries. We also had a teacher retire. Local female teachers can retire after 15 years if they have children. At the end of the year luncheon, one of the local teachers sat with a group of EMTs, and we complimented her on English. She told us how she had studied for three years to become a doctor, but a family member decided that it was not a good thing, so she became a teacher. She's been a teacher for a number of years now and would like to get a master's in curriculum and policy. She applied and was accepted to attend a university in the US. Her husband does not want her to leave for the two years, but said she could only he would not give her permission to take her children with her.  It was hard for me to see how accepting she was of these challenges to her professional goals, attributing it to Allah's plan and will, and yet, I had to remind myself of some of my friends who were unable to come abroad with their spouses and stepchildren, or their own children because of similar circumstances. It is a different culture and people are protective of their children and their exposure to different cultures.

On a lighter note, we were able to celebrate the 4th of July with friends from different parts of the world (including some Brits). We had a lovely indoor barbeque because it was too uncomfortable to be outside. We even did an impromptu baby music class.  Rob had a celebration at work, so he didn't completely miss out on the holiday. 

In three days, the girls and I board a plane for the US, a day before the expected start to Ramadan.