Friday, May 6, 2016

Counting the days...

I've been counting down the days left working in my current job. It helps keep me focused on the upcoming transition and I think is helping the girls prepare too. The end of the school year is always rough in the expat world because even if you aren't moving yourself, people you know are. We've known the whole school year that it was our last year in our current home, schools, etc., but now we are looking around at the other people making changes too. Next year, our community of friends will be expanding their global reach as they move on to new places and positions. Some will be staying in country like us, but also transitioning to new positions or schools.

We are looking forward to spending a month in the US and catching up with friends and family. But, we are also looking forward to the opportunities that moving to Dubai will provide. We received some free passes to Bounce Dubai and had a fabulous time.
I think it will be a nice place to visit more often! So for now, we are just going to keep downsizing and getting ready for our next jump.