Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Cancellation and clearances

Leaving is just as complicated as arriving and knowing I get to do some of the same things again upon our return is actually rather frustrating.

To date, I've cancelled the girls' and my visas, closed and cleared our Internet account, closed and am waiting for clearance of our utilities, moved our belongings into a friend's for the summer and am waiting to get my housing clearance form.... 

All while reporting to work, marking exams and entering final grades. Is it July 5th yet???

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Transition time

Right now everything is in transition. We are packing for the move, downsizing, packing for summer holidays, and trying to organize as much as possible for the changes that are coming. 

I'm excited about our new schools and starting to receive the welcome information from both of them (Belle will be at a different school). We have information for our new flat. But I'm still waiting on information from my current employer on how to complete the exit process. The good news is that my resignation has been approved and now it's moved onto the paperwork dance. 

At least Zofia is packed and ready. ;)