Leaving Abu Dhabi Checklist

I like lists, and although our departure is less than a year away, I've learned that things go easier if you plan ahead.

Things to do:
Close NBAD credit card
Al Ain Distribution Co. clearance
Etisalat clearance
Housing clearance
Cancel visas & IDs
Visit turtle hatching in Oman (2016-2017 school year!)

In Progress:
Sell furniture
Pay off outstanding UAE debts
Buy tickets
Plan summer holiday
Updating blog
Spend time with all our UAE friends
Belle's school reports

Sold: car, dishwasher
Obtained rental car
Renew Zofia's visa
Renew Belle's passport
Find a new job for me & a place to live
Renew my NH teaching license
Submit resignation
Notify Belle's school of her departure in July 

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