Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Yas Revisited

Last August, I lived for a month in a five star hotel during Ramadan. Staying at the hotel for a month and while a daytime fast was occurring, it lost some of its charm.

This past weekend, Rob & I attended a good friend's birthday party there and stayed as regular guests. It was a lovely experience, perhaps even nicer because I got to share the experience with him. :) Some habits came back quickly, wearing the robes, ordering room service, and calling friends to meet for meals and pool time. 

This time around, we could eat and drink where we wanted. The lifeguards brought chilled glasses of water with lemon and frozen lollies (popsicles for fellow US people) while we sat at the pool. And I was able to use the tub for soaking me, and not doing laundry! 

We need to get away as a couple more often.


Kahleel Hamilton said...

I'm kinda excited to live in the hotel.
I'm waiting for my e-ticket to come.
The anticipation and waiting is almost too much!!!
Can't wait to get there.

Jasmine said...

The hotel stay was nice.... but after awhile I did miss the comforts of home.