Thursday, October 24, 2013

The rain in the homeland

I haven't posted for a bit and find I've got a few posts to catch up on. Here goes...

The month of July was so green and lush. While most of our friends complained about the rain, we luxuriated in it. Buying umbrellas and needing to pay attention to a weather report were things we had missed about NH... What we did not miss and indeed had forgotten were the bugs (which were greatly increased in response to the damp). Belle elected to stand outside in a downpour while I completed a visit at the Social Security office to the confusion of onlookers.

While the rain was indeed lovely, it was even better that we were able to spend time with friends and family we had only seen online for two years. We are truly blessed with incredible people in our lives and it was a joy to see each and every person. 

The flight home was a bit of a nightmare, due to flight delays and lost luggage, but our time in the US was a pleasant break from our desert lives. 

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