Thursday, June 16, 2011

What's cooking?

Since moving into our "summer home", we have struggled to have normal meals. I don't think the move is entirely to blame, softball and swim lessons certainly didn't help with maintaining a normal schedule. But now that I am out of school, OMG - I think it is time to set a regular meal schedule & time. We need to make it through the groceries I've brought, and eat real food again - not the fish sticks, pizza, chicken nuggets and mac & cheese  (sounds like an 8 year old has been planning our menu) that have comprised the majority of our evening dishes. Sadly, we have had a lot of these foods in recent weeks and I'm beginning to feel like a wretched parent (although I have added in pork chops, chicken breasts, and other healthy dishes).  Wow, see the need to justify the diet? Belle & I went shopping at Big Poppa's tonight and bought a bunch of fruits and vegetables, and tomorrow, I will cook something healthy and delicious for my darling family.

Earlier this week I made some yummy pasta salad, but I struggled with cutting up all the vegetables. Turns out the reason my wrist didn't feel better is I have a radial fracture.... Yep, I now have a beautifully hot splint to stabilize my wrist until it heals (which I hope is quickly) - and with summer temps arriving it is the perfect time to have non-breathing plastic on my arm.

We are up to FOUR suitcases for the family - which means two more are needed, and of course, our carry on bags. I am so excited because I ordered my own laptop - my first one that is mine, all mine.  I feel a bit like Gollum and can picture myself crouching in a corner with it calling out "my precious".

Oh, and Belle decided to get a major haircut this week.... Isn't she adorable?  It was such a nice experience to comb her hair this morning without the normal drama that accompanies it, plus it should be cooler for our new climate.

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