Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Independence Day and other things...

I finally fulfilled the birthday promise to my friend Erica and we hiked the Zealand Falls trail.  Belle brought along her friend Mackenzie and Erica, of course, brought Sammy.  It was a beautiful day for a hike and even better - no snake sightings!

We had a short visit with my pal Ashleigh where I made her make brownies (delicious) - I have mentioned that I'm a rotten friend, right?, followed by a mad rush visit to Massachusetts to visit Marc & Mary Esther.  Note to self (and to the rest of the world) - DO NOT attempt to leave Massachusetts heading north on a holiday weekend.  It took over two hours to reach the tolls just past Manchester from the Boston area.  Yeah. 

Belle and I went to Good Harbor with Marc & Mary Esther for a beach day.  I couldn't do a whole lot of swimming because my wrist is still healing and I've been told by my doctor that I can swim with my brace on, but do not want to chance messing up my recovery.  Belle searched for seashells, we found a couple baby horseshoe crabs, she swam a bit (YEAH!), and even boogie boarded. (Yes, I am jealous that my daughter was able to swim and boogie board.)  When we got back to Marc & Mary Esther's, Rob joined us and helped grill up a steak dinner. Then we had the super fun drive home the next day.  

On Saturday, we joined some of our friends in celebrating Rich's birthday.  The food was incredible, but the company was even better.  It was amazing to look around the table and realize that we've literally watched the young men (our friends' sons) grow up, and it made me think about how much we'll miss of the younger boys while we are away. 
For the holiday, we drove down to Woodsville for the annual parade. Rob and I have been attending this parade together for the last 16 years, and it was bittersweet when our friend John mentioned next year's - because it is unlikely that I will be back in time for it (although Rob & Belle might be).  We've learned over the years how to prepare for the event, so we brought chips & salsa and watermelon. Our friend Kathy provided the sunscreen, and the kids all had their candy bags.  Everyone brought coolers filled with cold drinks. Belle finally had enough confidence to run out and compete for the candy without relying on the boys to supplement her catch. 
It is kind of nice to know that we only have Belle's alteration appointment for Stephanie & Sam's upcoming nuptials and a trip to the post office planned for this week. I'm sure we will fill it somehow.

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