Monday, July 18, 2011

Panic mode...

Today, I received my e-ticket and visa. Suddenly, I have a departure date, and a timeline when things MUST be done by.  And after spending way too many hours refreshing my email box and lurking (and being envious of those who received theirs first) on Facebook to stay updated with all my UAE group people, I am now in possession of the golden ticket.

Turns out the ticket creates more questions and concerns: like what do I do with the fact that my husband & daughter are included & our plans were for them to come later? There is no way I've saved enough money.   We've just barely started work on selling my car... What am I going to do about calling home? How am I going to handle being apart from my daughter for 4-6 weeks (I've never been separated from her for that long)? What are they going to eat? What was I thinking signing Belle up for Girl Scout camp right when I was leaving? How am I going to handle spending my birthday and anniversary across the world from the people I am closest too? And, seriously, how is it possible that I will travel across the Atlantic and the entire continent of Africa - into Asia, when I haven't even crossed the Mississippi?
The answer, of course, is what will be, will be.  It will be okay, eventually. I will sleep again.  I will rediscover my sense of humor and balance because after all, tomorrow is a new day and like this journey - it is one step at a time. Guess I'm going to have to try to cross that Mississippi next summer.


Mimi said...

Crossing the Mississippi is kind of a great feeling. Like you've accomplished something, just by driving.

Don't panic yet - save that for next week!

Brad & Jodi Trumpy said...

Take one day at a time and go moment by moment. Don't panic for it will all fall into place. Trust. Trust things will happen (and they will) and things will be good. All you can do is "survive" with what you know and what you have. :)