Friday, September 30, 2011

Arabian Maus and Coffee Tables

First, a confession: I'm a dog person.  I always have been and will likely always be one.

So, for the most recent addition to the Tyler family, I blame two people: Belle & my friend Kristi (who recently adopted two very tolerable cats, convincing me that I would be okay with one in our home). For those of you who remember our last cat, Boo (and her fabulously awful stomach disorder), you will understand my initial reluctance in adopting another cat.  But, I love my daughter and she missed S'mores (see earlier posts) dreadfully.  So, I researched pets for our UAE home.  Meet Posh, a lovely old lady Arabian Mau:
She has been part of our family for a week, and tomorrow, we will complete the official adoption. She is very playful, loves to be touched, and is settling in fairly well.   She has always lived in homes with other cats, so I think she may be a little lonely, but Belle is working hard to make sure she is happy.

We also finally selected a coffee table for our living room. Introducing the coolest coffee table ever:
 Yes, I freaking love this coffee table. The top lifts up, there is storage below the top, there is a big drawer for storage in the front and storage on the side. Storage has become a key factor in furniture purchases in the land without closets.  

It really is the little things.


Mrs. Beaudin's classroom said...

I have honestly never heard anyone say or read anywhere, "I freakin' love coffee tables." WOW, I need to spend more time with my coffee table. It makes me think that something may be missing in my life. Thank you!

Ms P said...

I love your freaking coffee table AND your freaking cat. And you... Glad to hear you're all settling in. You could get along anywhere!

Jasmine said...

I have to admit I always took our coffee tables for granted, but after living for over a month without one, never again.

Jasmine said...

Mary, Rob says that you just haven't met the right coffee table. ;)

Erica Wilson said...

I'm with Mary on the coffee table bit, but then again, I truly can appreciate a wonderfully beautiful piece of furniture that is fully functional, as well. As far as the cat? Yeah. I can't say anything on that. I love my dogs too much. And you know my stories from cat hell growing up.