Sunday, September 25, 2011

Pop goes the weasel

Today was payday which was so exciting, not just because I had less than 50 dhs left in my account, but also because I could finally finish all my legal paperwork to become a legally licensed driver again.  I have not driven in over a week, and I think Rob is quite sick of being my driver. 

The first step was stopping at an ATM to get the required cash fee for my Emirates ID. Then we were off to the Emirates Identity Authority.  I received my number for the typing room, and after my application was completed, paid the required fee. I then received another number to go wait in the female registration line.  Rob waited in the male waiting room.  After being finger printed (again) and photographed (again), I received a receipt that will allow me to pick up my id at the Emirates Post in one month, and more immediately - apply for my UAE driver's license. 

With receipt in hand, we drove over to the licensing department. After waiting in the queue in the female room (once again, Rob was banished to the male section), I learned that I needed copies of my passport and visa - available from the 1 dhs a page copy machine in another room. I returned triumphantly to the room, handed over all the required paperwork, paid the fee, signed my name, had another photo taken and then was told to wait for 10 minutes because the id machine wasn't working at the moment. After 10 minutes, we were told to come back tomorrow to pick up our licenses because the machine is down.

I can't wait to see what happens with the rest of our paperwork dance.... as Rob will need a medical check once his & Belle's visas are processed, which will be another fee. And then he will get to go through the above process - well, minus the female rooms. ;)

And this is how the money goes...

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