Sunday, January 29, 2012

Numbered January Randomness

Rocking her new frock
1. Last week, we realized that Belle was quickly outgrowing the wardrobe we came overseas with and we needed to go clothes shopping. This whole wardrobe replenishment has never happened before because I love shopping, am a massive planner, and have had generous friends who kindly passed on their children's clothing...  So we drove over to the mall and had a shopping for Belle day. Turns out my darling daughter likes pink and sparkles. (Not really a huge surprise)

2. Our neighbor, Mohamed took Rob out to get our car windows tinted as well, so we have been making loads of purchases off this monthly check already. Mohamed is one of our favorite neighbors and so helpful whenever we need an Arabic translator.  I met him while staying at the Yas, and he has quite a reputation with many of the EMTs (our new acronym - English Medium Teachers) as one of the nicest people around. 
Camel picture by Belle

3. I've discovered a church that I really enjoy in Al Ain after fruitlessly searching for the one near Oasis Hospital. It is a fairly recent Christian addition to the community, St. Thomas', and has a location that is beautiful, but unfortunately going through some dissension with the municipality about it being a church.  Please pray that this situation is resolved quickly because it has a very friendly, prayerful congregation.  Belle and I attempted to go this week, but the gates were locked, so we checked out some camels instead. We love camels.

4. I'm a health care facility's dream. While my asthma is MUCH better, apparently, I will never breathe through my nose again (the congestion will not quit - boy, do I miss my NeilMed Sinus Rinse - which my internalist is going to order for me so it will be in the UAE!).  I had a random allergic rash on my leg that required an injection to help the reaction. And was dehydrated to the point that I needed an IV. Yeah. It was a fun week. I can now say that the Tyler family has frequented four of the local hospitals, and at the moment, Al Ain Cromwell Women's and Children is my favorite - even if Tawam is closer and has a Starbucks.

5. We've also decided to make some changes in Belle's education, and are withdrawing her from her private school to homeschool. So, Rob will be taking on the dual roles of daddy and teacher.  It will be quite a transition but we think it will help her stay on pace with her US school better. Stay tuned.


Ruta said...

I just love Belle's camel photo. I hope you are feeling better...good luck with the home schooling!

Jasmine said...

Thanks, Ruth! :) I hope we get to see you when we are back for a US visit.