Saturday, January 14, 2012

Working hard for the weekend

Almost ready to leave port
The week started with a visit from our friend, Rich and trivia at the Rugby Club, where our team, the Nor'easters, had a fun last place initial outing.  Next week will be better.

Belle & I completed our first week back to school, and so we decided instead of resting up for the second week, we all returned to Abu Dhabi to visit the Volvo Ocean Race again... Last week the boats were still in dry dock getting sail ready. This weekend, they were back in the water, with masts attached ready to set sail (leaving today)....

The air show at the Destination Village
Time at the beach

Our Abu Dhabi family


Belle's first pencil drawing from her art class

Tomorrow it is back to school... Wow, the weekend goes fast.

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Mary Esther said...

I'm excited about the growing number of artists in the family. Belle is outrageously good. I hope that she enjoys it and continues to express herself in her work. She will have such a wealth of material to draw from thanks to the rich life you have given her. Some weekends are for rest, my dear, but if you are young enough to get away with it, play your hearts out!