Friday, April 22, 2011

Coming home...

These past few days, Belle & I had the pleasure of being with some of the people we love the best in the world, namely my best pal (her godmother/namesake), Audrey, and Belle's best pal since birth, Katelyn.  We spent most of our spring vacation savoring their company and the beautiful region where Audrey has settled with her wonderful husband, Josh.  We introduced Katie to the wonders of Hokie Nation (which were first introduced to us through Josh at our initial meeting during the annual holiday baking - he started whipping up maroon & orange icing for Christmas cookies). We also spent some time enjoying nature through visits to local attractions, zoos, parks, and a stop at Dixie Caverns.  Not to mention, a stop for our sweet tooth at Bubble Cake (ok, it took us two visits to get there because the first day it wasn't open!).

It is hard to know that in a few short months our 13 hour car ride will be evolving into a plane ride of that length.  Distance from loved ones is hard, and it makes me think about how we will stay in touch and keep these relationships as close as they are today. I am comforted by the closeness I feel for the sister of my heart, and the closeness I observe between my daughter and her friend that no longer lives two houses away.  We've managed to maintain these relationships despite changes in our lives, including varying degrees of physical distance. Although we will be leaving this continent, I know there is a piece of these people that will come with us, just like we will leave pieces of ourselves behind.

Saying goodbye yesterday gave us our first taste of how hard it will be, but was also an important reminder that it really isn't farewell - it is: we'll see you soon.

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