Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Paperwork and more paperwork

There is a lot of paperwork in moving to another country for two years. A LOT of paperwork.  After submitting our marriage license, Belle's birth certificate, and copies of my degree to the NH Secretary of State's office, three times (yes, three times), I am hoping that it really is the charm.  Then after we get the paperwork back, I can forward it onto the US Secretary of State's office for the next stage of the authentication process. Apparently, I filled out the wrong form for my criminal background check too, so I had to redo that process. UGH.

Meanwhile, I've received my passport, Belle's application has been submitted and we have to clear up some confusion on how Rob spells his middle name so his application can be submitted.  I'm hoping that will be settled sometime in the next two weeks.

 At school, grades closed last week - which means all grades are due by tomorrow, and my students are anxious for the spring break to start on Friday at 3:05pm.  This all means th

at I am surrounded by paperwork wherever I go right now. I am looking forward to visiting Audrey & Josh, while Belle is looking forward to spending some quality time with Katie (me too).

We've started to make decisions on what we are doing with our possessions, and have decided that it makes more sense to divest ourselves of what we don't need rather than store a bunch of things for two years. So, heads up, lots of yard sales and other opportunities to acquire previously owned Tyler trinkets. ;) You know you want something!

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