Monday, May 2, 2011

Fridges, fondue pots & freak outs

I've come to the conclusion that my husband and I own way too much stuff. Ten years ago, we bought our house, and wondered how we would fill it... Now as we prepare for the big sale, we wonder how we acquired so much stuff. Case in point, in our basement refrigerator (that seemed a good idea at the time when we had regular gatherings and needed that extra fridge space), I discovered ketchup and mustard bottles from last summer.  Then there are the sippy cups. Why did I save sippy cups? No one reuses sippy cups once their child has aged out of it.  Belle is going to be 8 in just about a month, and I still had her sippy cups. Wow.

Right now, our barn is full of appliances for the big sale - because when we bought the house we had a washer & dryer and guess what appliances came with the house - a washer & dryer.  Rob & I moved the fridge from the basement to the barn with the help of the tractor.  I've started to empty the cupboards and discovered unopened containers to make your own popsicles, ceramic soup bowls for french onion soup (or other oven occasions), a coffee bean grinder, hot pot, three (yes, THREE) crockpots - one is still in the box, wooden chopsticks from Thailand (that I have never learned to use), and a fondue pot set still in the box.  First, where did we fit all this stuff? And two, why did I think I was domestic enough to need it? So because we are running out of space in the barn for all the yard sale stuff, I am starting to put things into the sunroom, which was emptied of one of our living room sets last weekend, so blessedly, has some space.

Obviously, Rob & I are freaking a little because our leisurely preparation for our move has gone into hyper-speed with the contract on our house and approaching closing date. Suddenly we are looking for a short term rental and preparing for not one, but two moves....  I guess it will ready us for the flexibility we will need in Abu Dhabi.  I feel bad for Belle because we were so stressed, that I accidentally sent her to bed almost a half hour early and she came down to tell me it wasn't even her bed time yet. Oops.

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