Monday, May 30, 2011

Kicking off summer...

It is just after 2:30 am in Abu Dhabi and 90 degrees according to my widget.  For once, my NH temperature is almost the same as my soon to be home (95 at 6:30 pm).  I received an email from ADEC and filled out my travel information. It is hard to believe but I have only 2 months before the grand adventure begins! 
This past week, we've had 2 softball games, I did my parent duty by running the snack shack for one of the games, Belle learned to swim.  We went out to dinner to celebrate and Belle took a lovely picture of my new haircut. 

My students have contracted a serious case of senioritis. The only cure is graduation. For the first time in years, I feel it too.  This week, my seniors will take their final exams, I will approve the remaining speeches, and help them prepare for the commencement exercises that will fill the following week. Needless to say, don't expect to see a lot of postings until the end of the year calms a bit....

Yesterday, we went down to DHMC to visit our friends who have just had their first child, a little boy.  We didn't get to see them, but are so happy that they are doing well and should be able to come home at the end of the week.  Belle and I also got brand new Tevas - mine are teaberry and Belle's are cactus flower. Even better: they were on sale! :) They are very comfortable and should be perfect for all the hot weather we will enjoy this summer and in the UAE.

For our Memorial Day holiday, we remembered the soldiers that have died for our freedom, and then did our annual Echo Lake visit, where we saw a bunch of friends also enjoying the frigid water on this hot day.  The ducks were out, even if there were no lifeguards on duty. Rob took a bunch of kids around the shore to catch crayfish and minnows. Belle ended up with two minnows thanks to his & Emma Jean's efforts. 

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Ruta said...

Look at Belle swim..yay Belle!!
Gorgeous picture of Echo lake!