Sunday, May 22, 2011

Party planning and play dates

Friday evening, Erica & Jen came over to christen the summer home. We made delicious crab rangoons & fruit filled spring rolls (the recipe is from this delightful blog).  Belle had Rochelle sleep over after softball practice and I made them Belgian waffles in the morning.  After our breakfast, Belle & I did the weekly shopping, and then she was off to Nicoria's magician birthday party. Which reminded me that I have a little girl with a birthday coming up... and for the first time in her life, we don't have the space to have the party at home.  After spending a couple hours researching all the local fun spots, and remembering the uncertainty of NH weather, I selected an indoor venue and booked it. The invitations are addressed and will be delivered tomorrow.  And Belle will be able to show off her new swim skills!!! :)

After picking her up from the party - what is the first thing my darling daughter asks me? Yep, for a play date with Mackenzie because she has not seen her friends in oh, so long.... I completely understood her request, being the social person I am, and could not refuse it.  And after church today, I took Belle and her cousin, Ana, to the park to play and out for ice cream.  I even got in a short visit with Loretta, but it was only long enough to realize that we need some serious quality hanging out time in the near future. 

We are all settled into the summer home. What we need for the next couple months is unpacked, and I am going to start to pack the first of the suitcases.  Tomorrow we are back to school, and Belle has a softball game (of course).

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